Network Business Monitor v3.0 Release Notes


This release of PAiC’s NBM (Network Business Monitor) includes the addition of new protocols to continue enhancing its multi-protocol functionalities, further improving the consolidated view of KPIs for any telecom and business solution deployment. 

These additions are now reflected over an improved presentation layer, that offers a holistic view of all protocols in a sequence diagram, which greatly aids in troubleshooting of unexpected network events and in providing a comprehensive view of individual customer experience.

Release date: May, 2023
Previous version: NBM v2.0
New features: 6
Enhancements: 6
Improvements vs. last version: 6

New Features:

  1. IP mapping and editable names to be shown for the different nodes in the Sequence Diagram.

  2. Searching by MSISDN and IMSI, calling an API to know the IMSI when the MSISDN is given and vice-versa.

  3. Added 2 new customized protocols, HTTP SS7 (XML payload) and Power Nova with HTTP and SIP traffic.

  4. Ability to download the trace from the unified diagram is now available.

  5. Showing the timestamp according to the timezone of the browser, irrespective of the traffic being stored in UTC time.

  6. Configurable statistics in the NBM Dashboard, helping to monitor the ingestion service.


  1. Processing time and CPU usage greatly improved, especially with regards to the reading raw data files and loading the DB.

  2. Database migration from Druid to PostgreSQL, having a manageable architecture and allowing customized queries by using the new engine.

  3. The responses associated to a query are linked with the respective requests to show the full call flows in the UI.

  4. We implemented further partitioning tables, which greatly optimize the response time to the queries.

  5. Created a general view in the DB for all protocols, showing the complete call flows by protocol and sorting by timestamp.

Improvements versus previous version:

  • Sequence Diagram fixes in SMPP protocol.
  • Fix for visualization of multi-protocol Sequence Diagram.
  • Fix for malformed SS7 MAP PCAP filter result.
  • UX/UI fixes:
    • Scroll bar in the table now working correctly for all filter scenarios.
    • Next/previous buttons now working correctly for all filter scenarios.
    • Direction arrows in the Sequence Diagram now work correctly for all filters.
  • Fix to SS7 CAP data ingestion.
  • Fix to SS7 MAP data display.