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The Telecom Signaling Gateway is a versatile platform that can be configured to function as a Signaling Transfer Point, as a Multi-Protocol
Proxy and Gateway, as a Border Controller, or as Routing Agent. 

It is designed for scalability, offering both scale-up and scale-out configurations, and it can support high transactional rates thanks to its decoupled architecture, efficient queue management, multi-threading capabilities and flexible channel connectors.

PAiC BD’s Telecom Signaling Gateway is a high-capacity and flexible solution for a wide range of telecommunications needs.

Key Points:

Diameter, SMPP, SIP, HTTP, MAP, CAP and CAMEL supported up to 25,000 TPS *
HTTP-Diameter and SMPP-Diameter gateways included
Rest API enabler for SS7-SIGTRAN, Diameter, SIP and SMPP
Supports high availability, load balancing and fault tolerance

Signaling Gateway

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