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Navigating high-traffic networks can be a complex task, often leading to server overloads if not managed effectively.

PAiC BD’s Telecom Load Balancer tackles this challenge by distributing traffic from multiple sources to various nodes. This is achieved through routing rules designed to optimize performance according to customer needs.

At the heart of our Telecom Load Balancer is the Front-End Processor (FEP), with its multi-protocol capabilities including SS7, Diameter, SIP, SMPP and MGCP, which enables the Telecom Load Balancer to balance various types of traffic, including signaling, voice, IP and more.

Key Points:

  • Able to balance traffic of up to 1,600 transactions per second
  • High-availability supported, ensuring traffic can be directed efficiently to multiple servers
  • Scalable by enabling support for additional servers or protocols as required compatibility with existing ones
  • Application Layer Awareness enabling application-specific optimizations.

Telecom Load Balancer

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