What is the GMLC?

The GMLC (Gateway Mobile Location Center) is a telecommunication platform that provides geolocation services, also known as Location Based Services (LBS), over legacy and next-generation networks.
What are some of its Use Cases?

  • EMERGENCY BROADCASTING: Alert mobile phone users in a certain region or city through informative messages about a major incident in that area.
  • MOBILE TRACKING FOR EMERGENCIES: Track a caller when dialing an emergency number, such as 911, to dispatch emergency personnel to aid the caller.
  • MOBILE TRACKING FOR OFFENDERS: Track callers who commit extortion or threatening calls so that authorities can locate them. 


  • LOCATION-BASED MARKETING: Allows direct communication with previously subscribed users when they enter a specific geofence, for example, sending promotional information on when a person drives by a shopping center.
  • LOW-BALANCE NOTIFICATIONS: When alerting a user about the need to recharge their accounts, a reference to the nearest recharge location can be included.
  • REGION SPECIFIC PROMOTIONS: Sending SMS campaigns to previously identified users about promotions or events available only at a certain region. 


  • TRACKING PERSONS OF INTEREST: Defining geo-fences and alerting government authorities if a specific subscriber violated the restriction by leaving or entering the area within the geo-fence. 
  • PARENTAL CONTROL: Allows parents to define geo-fences to ensure their children stay within the expected areas.
  • REAL-TIME ASSET TRACKING: Tracking of company assets, such as fleet or valuable equipment that needs to be deployed to on-site visits or delivered to specific locations.
  • REAL-TIME EMPLOYEE TRACKING: Allows tracking of employees for security purposes when traveling to unsecured locations.
  • EVENT TRACKING: Define geo-fences around specific venues to verify whether or not a certain person has attended an event.
  • SPECIALIZED IoT APPLICATIONS: Use APIs that do not require an internet connection to track devices efficiently, without consuming their battery life.