Recurso 74CPAAS

Enter our Professional Support & Ad-hoc Dev, a cutting-edge solution that leverages the power of parallel and distributed computing to revolutionize how businesses manage their communication strategies. Our Professional Support & Ad-hoc Dev serve as a dynamic bridge, facilitating real-time interactions across various channels while ensuring scalability, reliability, and unparalleled performance.

PAiC BD Professional Support & Ad-hoc Dev is a comprehensive communication infrastructure that provides businesses with the tools they need to engage with their customers, partners, and employees effortlessly. It offers a suite of APIs and services that enable businesses to integrate messaging, voice calls, video conferencing, and other communication channels directly into their applications, platforms, and workflows.

Key Points:

  • 16M transactions per month, it offers the customized development that your company needs. 
  • Capacitated team in telecom and non-telecom development.
  •  Assured support and maintenance.
  • Different plans that adaptable to your budget.

Professional Support & Ad-hoc Dev

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