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PAiC BD’s Airtime Top-up Platform is a versatile solution that enables top-ups and the storage of prepaid airtime balances and electronic vouchers, which makes it able to recharge a wide array of prepaid services.
This includes digital offerings from MNOs/MVNOs, micro-insurance, micro-lending products, public transport passes, and more. The Platform prioritizes data integrity, offering immutable data records, robust encryption, and multi-factor authentication. It further supports session-based data access and encapsulation for efficient digital value distribution. Adopting a customer-centric approach, our platform provides user-friendly interfaces for customers, distributors, and resellers through smartphone apps and web access.
All of this makes PAiC BD’s Airtime Top-Up platform, a user- friendly, adaptable, high-capacity and secure option for airtime and digital product distribution management.

Key Points:

  • Ability to process 2,000 top-ups per second
  • User-friendly web, app and USSD interfaces for customers and resellers
  • Multi-product capabilities enable top-ups for Telecom products and a variety of other prepaid services
  • Built-in integration with complete e-commerce ecosystem

Airtime Top-up Platform

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