Recurso 63NBM

Our Airtime Top-Up Platform serves as an enabler for the administration, distribution, and sale of top-up and other prepaid services, such as other digital MNO/MVNO products, micro insurance & microloans, public transport passes, and much more.


Our customer security is top priority, and the Airtime Top-Up platform provides immutable data records, top-class encryption, and multi-factor authentication, protecting against malicious attackers while also ensuring an easy-to-use experience throughout the value chain.


Its user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) is accessible via smartphone apps, web access, and USSD menus; used for balance administration & distribution, flexible commission structure, report & data analysis, and B2B and B2C sales tool for easy delivery of balance to the end-user.

Key Points:


  • Processing +16M transactions per month.
  • User-friendly interface for both our customers & re-sellers, compatible with web, smartphone, or USSD applications.
  • Complete management tools throughout the value chain.
  • Multi-product capabilities, allowing various prepaid service management.

Airtime Top-up Platform

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