SDP v9.1 Release Notes

Previous version: SDP v9.0.0

Release date: June, 2023

New features: 7

Improvements vs. the last version: 1

New Features:

  1. New integration with Social Media Messaging and A.I. chatbots such as ChatGPT and others.

  2. Integration of the application with Online Charging System (OCS), which allows booking and charging subscriber credit.

  3. Creation of a new state for the Call Detail Records (CDRs), to specify that the subscriber has no credit to make/continue the call

  4. The “Call time limit” parameter, defined in seconds, establishes the limit in which a call will last, it can be specified globally or specified from the Dial verb.

  5. Allow authentication on INVITE when there is no active registration

  6. New endpoint to remove the cache of audio files on the application

  7. Re-activate previously closed accounts, the “Close Account” action modified for sub-accounts

  8. Implemented support for CORS

Improvements versus previous version:

  • The parameter “Timeout no-answer”, defined in seconds, for outgoing calls can be configured globally, by API or specified from the Dial verb