Recurso 72CPAAS

PAiC BD’s Service Delivery Platform (SDP) centralizes omni-channel communications via no-code GUI that allows non-developers to create powerful voice and messaging flows within minutes.

Our SDP creates services for voice calls, SMS, USSD, Social Media Messaging and AI applications.

It unlocks the power of innovation by becoming a gateway to limitless combinations of communications services (CPaaS) without the need for coding expertise or a major IT department.

What sets our SDP apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate multiple communications protocols (SIP, SMPP, HTTP, APIs, etc.), empowering IT and even commercial teams to build a complete CPaaS offering.

Key Points:

  • Social Media Messaging and A.I. (including ChatGPT) integration
  • No-code Service Creation Environment for faster time-to-market
  • API layer integration with multiple platforms to act as an omni-channel enabler
  • Built-in IVR and geolocation capabilities

Service Delivery Platform

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