Recurso 52firewall

PAiC BD’s SMS & Signaling Firewall is a powerful real-time protector of telecom operators SS7/SIGTRAN networks.

It ensures the security of MAP and CAP traffic by scrutinizing protocol packets before any data reaches the MNO/MVNOs core network, making filtering decisions to allow or deny access according to easily configured business rules, thus neutralizing
potential attacks.

The SMS & Signaling Firewall can be integrated to PAiC BD’s SMSC to produce a powerful high-traffic combination, at an
unbeatable price, meeting and surpassing any existing SLA.

Key Points:

  • Able to filter up to 25,000 transactions per second *
  • Flexible Policy Management
  • Easy integration with the MNO – all MAP operations supported
  • Multi-Layer Capabilities

Signaling Firewall

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