Recurso 53TAS

PAiC BD’s IMS Telephony Application Server (TAS), is a core telecom platform that enables MNOs/MVNOs to offer VolP services to small, medium, and even large enterprises, such as call control, custom IVRs, and a variety of supplementary voice services.

PAiC BD’s SDP (Service Delivery Platform) is powering the Telephony Application Server’s routing and processing of calls.

It allows easy integration with external APls and provides a no-code Service Creation Environment (SCE) to build a variety of customized Apps.

  • TAS can be used as a Core Network Element for voice telephony and IVR-PBX solutions.
  • TAS can integrate with an SBC for external interworking.
  • TAS can connect with CRM systems for subscriber management.

Key Points:

  • No-code Service Creation Environment (SCE) for faster time-to-market of IVR systems
  • Manages call set-up, routing, termination, and other call control features
  • GUI to enable seamless integration via APIs to key network elements, other applications and 3rd-party systems
  • Ensures scalability and redundancy to handle fluctuating call volumes, protecting against service disruptions

Telephony Application Server

TAS Video

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