What can you do with an SDP?

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, effective communication is essential for businesses to thrive. That’s where our Service Delivery Platform (SDP) steps in, offering a comprehensive solution to simplify communication processes and drive innovation forward.

At PAiC, we understand the challenges businesses face in managing omni-channel communications. That’s why we’ve developed our SDP to serve as a central hub, empowering organizations to streamline voice and messaging flows with ease. What sets our SDP apart is its user-friendly, no-code GUI, which allows non-developers to create powerful communication services within minutes. With just a few clicks, businesses can configure dynamic voice calls, SMS, USSD, Social Media Messaging, and AI applications, without the need for extensive coding expertise or a major IT department.

But why choose our SDP over other solutions? The answer lies in its unique capabilities and features:

No-Code Service Creation Environment: Our SDP boasts a user-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop mechanism, making it easy to configure business rules based on real-time input. This eliminates the need for complex programming language, ensuring flexibility and ease of use for all users.

External Services (APIs): With our SDP, businesses can seamlessly integrate third-party applications through APIs, expanding their communication capabilities and enhancing their overall workflow. Whether it’s native support for JSON responses or adaptation to different content types, our platform provides the flexibility needed to meet diverse business needs.

Built-In IVR Services: Gone are the days of standalone IVR solutions. Our SDP includes a built-in IVR with predefined features commonly used in the market, streamlining voice service deployment and enhancing communication efficiency.

Geolocation Readiness: Enhance your communication capabilities with our Geolocation API, adding geographical reference capabilities to any voice, SMS, or USSD communication passing through our SDP. This feature enables businesses to deliver targeted messages and services based on location, further enhancing customer engagement.

Telephony Application Server: Our SDP serves as the cornerstone of our Telephony Application Server, providing a robust framework for telephony applications and enabling businesses to build a complete CPaaS offering.

In conclusion, PAiC’s SDP offers a comprehensive solution for omni-channel communications, empowering businesses to simplify communication processes, drive innovation, and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.