USSD Gw v8.1.0 Release notes


PAiC (est. 2015) is successfully processing +1B transactions per month, for MNOs, MVNOs, and VAS providers in over 25 countries, in 5 continents.

Version 8.1.0 focused on two major components:

-Integrating ChatGPT to USSD functionalities.
-Updating JAINSLEE to its latest version and improving memory management, which involved updating several dependencies and components.

This release gives our USSD Gw an upgraded security layer, improves its performance, and ensures an added value of integrating with the latest technological advances, such as ChatGPT.

Release date: March 21st, 2023

Previous version: USSD Gw v8.0.0

Improvements: 9

As a CPaaS provider, PAiC´s team of dedicated colleagues are always innovating by adding key features to its PAiC products, enabling our customers to take full advantage of our Telco Solutions.

PAiC’s vision is to shift technical and commercial paradigms, proving that quality products and amazing customer service, can be delivered at affordable prices.

With this in mind, PAiC is releasing the USSD Gw v8.1.0 with the following enhancements and new features.

Enhancements versus previous version:

  • ChatGPT over USSD now available!
  • Improve platform’s performance by upgrading to latest  JAIN-SLEE version 8.1.0 including dependencies, jars, and components.
  • Improve the platform´s memory performance
  • Fix Login Screen After Timeout on USSD Management GUI
  • Add logic for global configuration to enable/disable statistics and metrics.
  • Fixed CDRs to include missing fields in USSD PUSH non SUCCESS cases.
  • Improved logging for SIP traffic.
  • Improved encoding for special characters in tags.
  • Documentation updated.