USSD and SMS seamlessly integrated with A.I.

Elevate Your Mobile Banking Experience with PAiC’s Seamless Integration!

Ubiquitous interactive communications via USSD and SMS, revolutionized with A.I. for efficient mobile banking self-care!

 Picture this: You initiate a USSD session to check your account balance by dialing a specific code on your mobile device. The USSD request is processed, retrieving real-time information from the bank’s server. Simultaneously, the system triggers an SMS on PAiC’s SMSC, delivering an instant notification to your device with the account balance details.

 🔍 Use Case Highlights:

  • USSD for real-time user interaction

  • SMSC for immediate information dissemination

  • Enhanced user experience with a blend of responsiveness and immediacy

 Transform banking services with PAiC’s innovative integration.

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