SDP - Success Stories

 PAiC’s SDP Unleashes Industry Transformations 🌟

Our journey is marked by partnerships with companies from diverse nations and sectors, spanning telecommunications to banking, retail to hospitality. 🤝🌐

These incredible success stories reflect the rich tapestry of industries that have thrived thanks to our SDP (Service Delivery Platform), a testament to its unwavering versatility and proven effectiveness.

No matter where you are in the world or which industry you represent, PAiC’s SDP has consistently proven itself as a catalyst for transformation. It fosters enhanced connectivity, fuels improved customer engagement, and drives remarkable revenue growth.

:flag_ng: Nigeria: Value-added aggregator for third-party apps that offers omnichannel solutions.

:flag_co: Colombia: A major MVNO is offering airtime purchases, data bundles and airtime balance inquiry via USSD, our SDP interacts with their APIs to fetch this valuable information in real-time.

:flag_bz: Belize: Telecom service provider, offering complete MNO services, including self-help menu for their mobile customers.

:flag_za: South Africa: Technology company providing solutions in security and emergency assitance to agriculture companies.

:flag_il: Israel: Virtual mobile network company, especially focused on providing support to tourists.

:flag_mx: Mexico: Third-party telco solutions provider offering A2P and B2C.

Join us on our journey towards industry excellence. Let’s connect and explore how SDP can elevate your business too. 🤝🌟