PAiC Participation in the WWC

PAiC’s SMSC manages text message traffic between mobile phones and devices, and VAS aggregators, MNOs and MVNOs. This traffic can be from peer-to-peer, from application to end-user and from business to consumer. Our SMSC continues to evolve, catering to more and more relevant use cases and industry players.

Lately SMS wholesalers have also seen the benefit from our flexible messaging processing rules that apply to multiple protocols (e.g. SMPP, HTTP, SIGTRAN, Diameter).


PAiC’s Signaling Firewall – your solution for securing MAP and CAP traffic on the SS7/SIGTRAN network.

Our firewall works in real-time to protect against attacks and adhere to signaling business rules. It analyzes protocol packets to make quick decisions on allowing or denying them before they reach the MNO’s core network.

Our Signaling Firewall protects wholesalers by securing MAP and CAP traffic in real-time. It acts as a transparent network node, seamlessly integrating with MNO/MVNOs without additional interconnection parameters.


Join us at the Wholesale World Congress event where our very own CEO, Celeo Arias, will share insights on how our SMS & Signaling Firewall products serve as vital pillars for CPaaS providers.

We are ready to attend this prestigious event in Madrid, Spain, at the beautiful Meliá Castilla Hotel from September 20th to 22nd.