IA innovation with USSD – PAiC BD

At PAiC BD we believe A.I. should be in the hands of those who need it most – the ones with limited access to health care and without readily available information to progress in their work and studies.

This is why we are enabling A.I. via USSD (and SMS) – traditional telecom channels that have no smartphone or internet connection dependency.

The simplicity and ubiquity of USSD ensures anyone with an affordable feature phone, can access the world of opportunities that A.I. has to offer, but that is currently only being delivered to those that are already ahead, thus further widening the digital divide that the #telecom industry, the #GSMA, even the #UN and several others claim to address.

To learn more about how to bridge the digital divide, visit www.paic-bd.com and/or write us at info@paicbd.com
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